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Feeding the Skin Prebiotics for Hydration

preBIULIN AGA (INCI: Inulin) is a natural prebiotic proven to help rebalance the skin’s microbiota. It is a combination of two inulin types differing in molecular chain length and branching. The inulin is extracted from chicory and agave and can only be metabolized by organisms carrying the inulinase enzyme. Due to this, inulin acts as a[…]

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Restoring the Skin Microbiota After Preservative Exposure

Preserva­tives are a requirement in personal care products to maintain the integrity of a product and keep consumers safe. While beneficial in many aspects, they could have an impact on the microbiota. Research has suggested that everyday cosmetics and commonly used preservatives in personal care products do in fact disturb the skin microbiota.1, 2 Although this may[…]

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Zano® Formulation Guidelines

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Zano® 10, Zano® 20 & Zano® M Dispersion Proper dispersion is key to good performance for all Zano® products. Disperse Zano® and Zano® Plus preferably in the oil phase. Xperse® dispersions will result in optimal dispersion of Zano® or Zano® Plus by simply adding these to the oil phase – there is no need for further[…]

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Zinc Oxide for a Positive Reef Impact

Coral reef

Introducing the Positive Reef Initiative, a program fully dedicated to coral reefs preservation and propagation. With sunscreen pollution targeted as negatively impacting coral reefs, EverCare, a trusted supplier of zinc oxide, founded the Positive Reef Initiative. This program will focus on offering reef-friendly sun care ingredients and having a beneficial effect on coral reefs, with key[…]