Zinc Oxide for a Positive Reef Impact

Introducing the Positive Reef Initiative, a program fully dedicated to coral reefs preservation and propagation. With sunscreen pollution targeted as negatively impacting coral reefs, EverCare, a trusted supplier of zinc oxide, founded the Positive Reef Initiative. This program will focus on offering reef-friendly sun care ingredients and having a beneficial effect on coral reefs, with key initiatives to include:

  • A commitment to reducing coral reef destruction while supporting scientific research on reef damage and restoration, in addition to repropagation
  • Helping consumers make informed decisions on sunscreen purchases by providing current published research and information on the environmental and regulatory landscape surrounding sunscreens
  • Reducing the global carbon footprint affecting climate change and coral reef habitats by participating in carbon offset programs through the UN and focusing on sustainability awareness from sourcing to production

Active Contribution to Coral Reef Restoration

During the foundation of The Positive Reef Initiative EverCare partnered with a University research team and Love the Oceans, a non-profit marine conservation organization based in Jangamo Bay, Mozambique, to leverage research and education to drive towards a more sustainable future. There are programs in place to examine the optimal environment and species needed to improve the probability of success for propagation. Steps include evaluating and understanding the long-term rates of growth, recovery, mortality, and fertility of hard coral populations at a reef over the next few years.

The Positive Reef Initiative is a long-term commitment to support the use of safe sunscreen ingredients and make a positive impact on the environment. While science will continue to evolve and shape regulations, EverCare will proactively work to create and support scientific research programs through the Positive Reef Initiative that will help the proliferation of healthy coral reefs, bringing a positive influence to the local community of these habitats and helping brands also make a commitment to protecting the environment.

The PRI was founded by EverCare, a trusted supplier of zinc oxide. Ultra Chemical, a distributor for EverCare sponsored this message. For more information about the PRI, please visit the Positive Reef Initiatives main website www.positivereefinitiative.com

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