History and Mission

Ultra Chemical is a supplier of customized ingredients and specialized services for the progressing personal care industry. We are a family owned business founded in 1992 that has maintained full focus on personal care, delivering science-based and proven ingredients and custom solutions to our customers.

Our mission is to make the life of our customers and suppliers easier in their quest to create personal care products that consumers demand. We strive to be the go-to, trusted partner for all our customer’s operations and goals with our core values being centered around integrity, excellence, partnership, sustainability and team. Ultra is proud to partner with suppliers that uphold eco-forward actions with environmental and humanitarian impact.

Ultra’s activities are split into two main areas:

Personal Care Technologies

Our personal care technologies are a combination of those we manufacture and those we distribute. These products keep pace with the ever-changing beauty wellness space and stretch across skin, hair, scalp, and sun care categories as well as color cosmetics. Our main areas of focus include:

Actives & Biofunctionals

Actives & Biofunctionals that act via multiple pathways in order to help preserve the skin’s youth and balance. The product line includes technologies that address wrinkle reduction, dry skin, dark spots and sebum control to help keep skin tone even and radiant. There are also prebiotic solutions for a balanced skin microbiota and actives for maintaining optimal conditions of the scalp.

Film Forming Polymers

Film Forming Polymers that are non-traditional and naturally derived. Offering excellent water resistance, these polymers allow sun care products to have a beautiful aesthetic feel and help protect consumers while in water. Other specialty chemistries include those that allow for fast-drying mascara that leaves consumers smudge-free.

Specialty Naturals

Specialty Naturals that lend themselves to the trends of the industry. Products include natural, mineral based UVA/UVB protection for sun and skin care products as well natural oils that can be used in skin, hair or scalp products for a luxurious after-feel.

Customized Services for Personal Care

For customized solutions we focus on the design and manufacturing of customer-specific solutions and supply chain optimization in close cooperation with a select group of customers.

Taking Action to Address Climate Change

As part of Ultra’s commitment in addressing climate change, we recently joined the Supplier Leadership on Climate Transition (Supplier LoCT), an online learning platform that helps suppliers to major brands navigate the process of reducing greenhouse gas emissions. In Supplier LoCT, we get hands-on guidance from sustainability experts to keep us moving forward from the initial stage of measuring and reporting on our carbon footprint to setting a science-based target and ultimately reducing our emissions. We are excited to share that we have achieved GHG Scope 1 & 2 Footprint Badge. This is a big step in the right direction on our climate journey, and we look forward to continuing our work.