Valida S+ CS-3 and Valida S+ CS-8

  • Stabilizes particles in suspension and oil-in-water emulsions without an emulsifier
  • Highly thixotropic with excellent shear thinning properties for suspension in sprays
  • Wrinkle filling and skin smoothing via a blurring effect

INCI // Cellulose (and) Cellulose Gum

  Valida S CS3-TDS

  Valida S CS8- TDS


Valida S+ is a highly fibrillated cellulose that stabilizes particles in suspension and O/W emulsions without an emulsifier at low dosage with minimal viscosity impact. It is highly thixotropic with excellent shear thinning properties for suspension in sprays. Valida enables better spreadability and spray-ability without drip and provides a supreme skin sensory experience, and a unique texture in formulations while also having the capability to fill wrinkles and smooth skin with a blurring effect. The product is a multi-functional bio-based additive which can be used in aqueous systems, oil-in-water emulsions, serums, creams, as well as colored formulations.

Valida comes in the form of a gel (Valida S+ CS-3) or paste (Valida S+ CS-8) The natural cellulose of the product is the most abundant organic material on earth that is responsibly sourced from PEFC and FSC managed forests.

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Valida is manufactured by Sappi. Ultra is the supplier of Sappi in certain regions of the US.