JD Jojoba Oil

  • Natural ingredient with multiple benefits in personal care
  • Most sustainable source of jojoba oil
  • Stability in quality, supply and price

INCI // Simmondsia chinensis (Jojoba) Seed Oil

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JD Jojoba Oil is a natural moisturizer that does not leave a greasy residue. It mimics natural human sebum unlike any other moisturizer and acts as a great vehicle for the skin’s absorption of other active compounds and essential oils. Research has shown JD Jojoba Oil’s potential to assist in cell proliferation as well as offer anti-inflammatory properties. Its soothing and revitalizing benefits make it a great product for skin, sun and haircare applications.

Jojoba Desert Jojoba Oil is sustainably manufactured with a focus on eco-efficiency, social responsibility and sustainable agriculture.

Products in the range include:
JD Jojoba Golden Oil
JD Jojoba Colorless Oil
JD Organic Golden Oil
JD Jojoba Organic Colorless Odorless Oil

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JD Jojoba Oil is a product of Jojoba Desert. Ultra is the supplier of JD Jojoba Desert in parts of the US.