Gosulin IL

  • Natural emollient derived from renewable sources
  • Gives O/W feel to W/O emulsions for a lighter feeling
  • Reduces tackiness of formulations

INCI // Isoamyl Laurate, Isoamyl Cocoate

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Gosulin IL is a vegetable based emollient made out of renewable natural sources such as Sugar and Coconut and displays functions similar to those of silicones where it can offer excellent spreadability properties. It is compatible with other personal care ingredients where it has been seen to act as a dispersing agent for Titanium Dioxide, Aluminum Chlorohydrate and make up pigments. It also dissolves sunscreens easier than synthetic emollients such as Alkyl Benzoate and helps eliminate oil separation in emulsions.

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Gosulin IL is a product of Gobiotics (www.gobiotics-ingredients.com). Ultra is the supplier of Gobiotics in parts of the US.