Inutec® SL-1

  • Natural O/W emulsifier, very robust and versatile
  • Stabilizes and helps correct many formulations issues
  • Hot and cold processing compatible

INCI // Glycerin, Inulin Lauryl Carbamate

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Inutec® SL1 is made from inulin that is extracted from chicory root and lauric acid that is derived from coconut oil. When working as emulsifier, the hydrated inulin creates a strong film around oil droplets, creating a very strong and solid emulsification system. Inutec SL1 can also be used as co-emulsifier and has proven to be a robust tool to correct emulsion stability problems. It performs well in a wide pH range (4-11), works in both cold and hot systems and is compatible with all oil soluble or lipophilic substances.

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Inutec® SL-1 is a product of Gobiotics ( Ultra is the supplier of Gobiotics in parts of the US.