Gosulin® Hold and Gosulin® Style

Gosulin Hold® and Gosulin Style®

  • Synergistic blend of natural polysaccharides
  • Provides both intense and long-lasting hair hydration
  • Offers curl retention similar to other synthetic polymers

INCI // Gosulin Hold Cellulose Gum (and) Inulin
INCI // Gosulin Style Inulin (and) Aureobasidium Pullulans Ferment

  SDS Gosulin Style

  SDS Gosulin Hold

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Gosulin Hold and Gosulin Style are blends of natural polysaccharides with synergistic effects that result in excellent functionalities for hair care. Gosulin Hold is a combination of a high molecular weight upcycled cellulose and polysaccharides extracted from Agave Tequilana which synergistically form a sensorial network that holds the hair in any desired shape. Gosulin Style is a combination of natural and biodegradable styling polymers obtained from sustainable agave and upcycled fermentation of molasses that together give the hair a natural and flexible feel.

Together, Gosulin Style and Gosulin Hold offer improvement compared to other synthetic microplastic polymers providing hair hydration and shine along with curl retention and hold without negative sensorial aspects such as flaking and tackiness.

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Gosulin® Hold and Gosulin® Style is a product of Gobiotics (www.gobiotics-ingredients.com). Ultra is the supplier of Gobiotics in parts of the US.