• Controls sebum at the source for acne-prone skin protection
  • Reduces the appearance of large pores

INCI // Aqua, Lecithin, Niacinamide, Lysolecithin

  SDS Bicomide

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Bicomide® is a delivery system that provides targeted delivery of Niacinamide to the epidermis and follicles. With a more targeted delivery, Bicomide helps control the production of sebum which can be helpful to reduce P. acnes in the skin surface, equilibrating the microbiome, and improving the appearance of acne prone skin. Clinical results showed a visible reduction of large pores and reduction of the intensity and number of skin lesions.

Bicomide is composed of two lipid assemblies: internal smart discs that carry the active and an external lipid vesicle enclosing the discs, thereby double encapsulating the active ingredient. The vesicle delivers the smart discs to the skin, which then pass through the narrow intercellular spaces of the Stratum Corneum and reach the targeted skin layer, where the active ingredient is released. Smart discs are designed to reach specific skin layers where the active ingredient needs to be by tailoring the affinity of the smart discs with the environment of the target skin layers.

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The Bicosome® products are developed and manufactured by Bicosome company ( Ultra is the supplier of the Bicosome® products in parts of the US and Canada.