Bicohair® HP

  • Restores hydration and controls static charge’s ‘flyaway’ effect
  • Offers wash-off resistant thermal damage protection
  • Improves mechanical properties

INCI // Aqua, phosphatidycholine, panthenyl hydroxypropyl steardimonium chloride

  SDS Bicohair HP


Bicohair® HP is a novel Bicosome system specially created to protect the hair from the damage caused by heat tools and aggressive procedures. Bicohair HP adheres to the hair cuticle adding a barrier to the direct contact of the heat, protecting the hair from thermal damage. The bicosome dual structures reinforce the hair cortex, recovering hydration and mechanical properties such as hair elasticity and resistance. Bicohair HP provides a perfect hair coverage resistant to washes, being indicated for daily care formulations and products to be used before, during and after thermal procedures.

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The Bicosome® products are developed and manufactured by Bicosome company ( Ultra is the supplier of the Bicosome® products in parts of the US and Canada.