• Booster for mineral based sunscreens
  • Natural, high purity extract
  • 20-40% SPF and UVA-PF boosting properties

INCI // Pongamia Pinnata Seed Extract

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Assure+ significantly increases both SPF and UVA-PF values when used in mineral only and hybrid sunscreen formulations. Use of Assure+ maintains UVA-PF to SPF ratios as well as critical wavelengths to help meet all UVA global requirements. Assure+ is a photostable product from the flavonoid family which are known to provide antioxidant properties and skin protection from UV damage. With its low use levels, Assure+ gives the boost needed without compromising aesthetics.

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Assure+ is manufactured by EverCare. Ultra is the supplier of the Assure+ in parts of the US and Canada.