Ultracolor Carmine

  • Natural consistent colorant that is FDA approved
  • Carmine Lake with brilliant red shade and red to slightly yellow shade

INCI // Carmine

  SDS Ultracolor Carmine Lake GN

  SDS Ultracolor Carmine RY1



Ultracolor Carmine is an FDA approved natural colorant derived from carminic acid that can be used in food, cosmetics and drugs. All Ultracolor Carmine products are listed in 21cfr part 73 A, B and C and thus require no FDA batch certification like traditional D&C and FD&C colors. Ultracolor Carmine lakes come in different shades and are available in dispersions that are customizable. Ultracolor Carmines are offered as a powder or dispersion.

Products in the range include:
Ultracolor Carmine Lake GM (brilliant red shade)
Ultracolor Carmine RY1 (red to slightly yellow shade)

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