• Supports the microbiome of the mouth for improved oral care hygiene
  • Boosts the beneficial organism that protects the mouth’s microbiome
  • Decreases microbiome disruption and cavity causing bacteria when in contact with aggressors of the mouth

INCI // proprietary



preBIULIN ORAL is an inulin-based prebiotic with a low MW and short chain length ideally suited for oral care applications. Microorganisms of the mouth can metabolize this smaller chain length easily and quickly, allowing the prebiotic’s functionality to be enhanced in a short time. Clinical studies have been conducted demonstrating this prebiotic’s effect on the bacteria responsible for cavities. Additional clinicals include preBIULIN ORAL’s positive impact on the oral microbiome and S. salivarius, the protective organism of the mouth.

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preBIULIN is a product of Gobiotics ( Ultra is the supplier of Gobiotics in parts of the US.