SurfaCare® TRP

  • A Natural based, oil soluble polymer for a substantive film forming attribute
  • Enhanced spreading properties versus traditional synthetic film formers

INCI // Bis-isostearyl Dimer Dilinoleyl Dimer Dilinoleate

  TDS Surfacare TRP


SurfaCare® TRP is a naturally derived polyester, designed specifically for personal care formulations that require a natural based film former, specifically for pigmented products. It utilizes a unique polymer backbone that contains cyclic alkyls and branched terminal groups to deliver an aesthetically pleasing transfer resistant formulation. This uniquely shaped polymer will deposit a substantive film to the skin, without a tacky spread demonstrated for traditional synthetic polymers. SurfaCare TRP is an ideal, natural based polymer, for transfer resistant color cosmetics.

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CosmoSurf® products are developed and produced by Surfatech Corp. Ultra is the supplier of CosmoSurf® in parts of the US and Canada.