CosmoSurf® PG1-IS

  • Very water resistant, film-forming polymer with tunable aesthetics
  • Non-greasy, substantive
  • Naturally-derived, oil soluble, film forming polymer

INCI // Polyglyceryl-3 Stearate/Isostearate Dimer Dilinoleate Cross-polymer

  Cosmosurf TDS


CosmoSurf® PG1-IS, supplied by SurfaTech, is a naturally derived amphiphilic film forming polymer with very good water resistance. It is made from natural and renewable starting materials derived from polyglycerol and fatty acids that comes in the form of a low melt wax that creates a flexible, easy to apply, waterproof film.

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CosmoSurf® products are developed and produced by Surfatech Corp. Ultra is the supplier of CosmoSurf® in parts of the US and Canada.