CosmoSurf® DDG-20

  • Very water resistant, film-forming polymer with tunable aesthetics
  • Light, non-greasy, non-sticky
  • Naturally-derived, oil soluble, film forming polymer

INCI // Bis-Octyldodecyl Dimer Dilinoleate/Propanediol Copolymer

  Cosmosurf TDS


CosmoSurf® DDG 20, supplied by SurfaTech, is a naturally derived film forming polymer with very good water resistance. It is made from natural and renewable starting materials based on dimer acid and branched alcohol end groups. It is not made using traditional free-radical based polymerization processes and is therefore free of residual vinyl-type monomers, initiators and catalysts. CosmoSurf DDG 20 is an excellent film-forming polymer that provides up to 80 minutes of water resistance in O/W and W/O emulsions and (alcohol-based) spray products. It offers pigment dispersion properties and homogeneous film formation upon application to wet skin, avoiding ‘white-out’ with a light, non-greasy, non-tacky feel.

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CosmoSurf® products are developed and produced by Surfatech Corp. Ultra is the supplier of CosmoSurf® in parts of the US and Canada.