JD Hydro Boost Dry

  • Increases skin surface hydration and reduces wrinkles
  • Promotes skin rejuvenation by accelerating epidermal turnover
  • Increases Pro-Collagen 1, a major component of the Extracellular Matrix

INCI // Levan/Glucose/Fructose/Sucrose/Sodium Citrate/Potassium Citrate/Citric Acid

  SDS JD Hydro Boost Dry


JD Hydro Boost Dry is a natural polysaccharide characterized by unique functional features, for anti-aging activities with cross action performance. JD Hydro Boost Dry provides a deep moisturization effect, aiding in the rejuvenation of skin cells and reduction of wrinkles. JD Hydro Boost Dry is a fiber derived from an enzymatic process on concentrated cane sugar and is a combination of 80% LMW (~700 Da) oligosaccharides that can penetrate the epidermis, and 20% HMW (~1000 kDa) polysaccharides that stay closer to the surface for immediate hydration.

Ex vivo and clinical studies have demonstrated the fiber’s ability for cell rejuvenation and increasing Pro-Collagen 1 along with improvement in TEWL, wrinkle reduction and moisturization.

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JD Hydro Boost Dry is a product of Jojoba Desert. Ultra is the supplier of Jojoba Desert in parts of the US.